About Bryan

Bryan began his legal career nearly 20 years ago as a criminal trial lawyer and public servant with the  Public Defender in Philadelphia. He has been a career criminal trial lawyer. In 2015 he returned to public service in Queen Anne's County, again as a Public Defender.  

Bryan loves Eastern Shore living as do his wife and children.  Highlights for him include watching the amazing sunsets and coaching his daughters in youth leagues over the years. 

Bryan feels fortunate to work in a field where he can serve his community and make a difference. He hopes that he can continue to serve Kent County in this way and lend his experience to make it a better place as your next State's Attorney.

“As your State’s Attorney, I will use my experience and energy to create an office that is smart on crime by effectively prosecuting dangerous criminals to the fullest extent of the law, while recognizing the value of rehabilitation for those battling addiction, seeking community restitution, and supporting victims of crime.”