The Right Experience

Experience matters and the right experience matters most.

Bryan DiGregory has close to 20 years of criminal trial experience handling thousands of cases dealing with a variety of charges including: felony drug distribution and drug possession, attempted murder, kidnapping, robbery, burglary, sex offenses, assault, domestic violence, stalking, resisting arrest, fleeing and eluding police, theft, DUIs, serious traffic offenses, simple traffic offenses, disorderly conduct, juvenile matters drug court cases and more; over six of these years are in public service. 

Right out of law school, Bryan entered public service when he became a public defender with the Defenders Association in Philadelphia. He spent several years there trying cases on the front lines of our criminal justice system.  

After the Defender's Association, he started his own law office where he practiced  criminal law and  eventually expanded his practice to include immigration law.  He returned to  public service in 2015 by joining the Public Defender's office in  Queen Anne's County and began serving the citizens of Kent County in 2017 when he was sworn in as Deputy State's Attorney.  

During his years of criminal trial experience, Bryan developed a comprehensive understanding of our criminal justice system along with a passion for criminal law both of which are needed to be an effective State’s Attorney.

The Right Choice

The right experience is the right choice.

The State’s Attorney is the lead law enforcement officer for Kent County, prosecuting the bulk of serious criminal  cases, and is called upon to provide guidance and support to the Deputy State's Attorney and Assistant State's Attorney while managing the office to ensure it is working cohesively and effectively.  

In order to do this, the State's Attorney must be ready from the day they take their oath of office to confront current issues, like the opioid crisis, and carry their weight in and out of court. 

After nearly 20 years of criminal trial experience as a public defender, private criminal attorney and now as Deputy State's Attorney for Kent County, Bryan's familiarity with the criminal justice system, the criminal court room and the State’s Attorney’s office make him the perfect candidate to take over the responsibilities of this important position.

Bryan’s experience and energy will provide this county with a State's Attorney who has the right passion, knowledge and balanced perspective of our criminal justice system from day one to handle any case, provide leadership, foster an environment dedicated to justice and keep the State’s Attorney’s Office moving forward for the citizens of Kent County.